Business transfers

Jun 2017

AB Report founders operate an MBO with Elige Capital.

Customers and counterparties

AB Report, founded in 2004 by Benjamin Deviscourt and Arthur Georges, specializes in writing value-added synthesis and reports for professional meetings (General Assemblies, legal meetings, Unions Comitees…) principally for big and medium sized companies. In order to extend theirs services they created in 2011 AB Trad, a subsidiary dedicated to the translation and interpretation of international meetings.

They carried the growth of the company for  more than 10 years and have initiated 2 years ago a management transmission with 3 key managers : Nathalie Vauclin, Xavier Coppée and Julien Magnier, respectively CEO, Head of HR and Head of Freelances. Today, they go further in this transmission by welcoming theses managers and the Private Equity fund Elige Capital as shareholders. Arthur Georges and Benjamin Deviscourt reinvest significatively in this operation and will continue to provide a strong support to the company.

AB Report realized 4M€ revenues in 2016. The service is provided principally to the HR departments and Unions representatives of big companies, but also to secretaries of directions and communications. AB Report’s services help all the parties involved in meetings to benefit from operational and efficient solutions, in short delays, to synthetize the debates through clear, neutral and rapidly usable Procès-Verbaux.

The reports are delivered by a 25 redactors team and 70 freelances, all graduated with a Master Degree. The reports require high redaction skills and a good understanding of the socio-economic context. The ability of the company to form and train its team members is a gauge to the quality of its services.

AB Report has developed a quasi-industrial process for planning and skills to manage the high number of meetings : in 2016, the company has written more than 4000 reports, for more than 325 meetings per month in average.

Since its creation, AB Report follows a steady growth of its revenues. The managers anticipate to maintain its growth, thanks to a regional development, a growth in the translation interpretation business, and an expansion to the “corporate” department of its clients. The management expects to analyze potential acquisitions.

Arthur Georges and Benjamin Deviscourt tell: “The confidence and mutual understanding between AB Report and Elige Capital is the base for this new association, that should allow our company to continue its development, addressing new business segments and looking for acquisition opportunities.”

Emmanuelle Cappello and Grégoire Bouvier, partners of Elige Capital, say : “We have been convinced by this operation with a double goal : engage the transmission with the managers and continue the development of the company. Helping entrepreneurs pursue this type of operations is at the heart of the strategy of Elige Capital.”

Karine Curtis, partner at Pax CF, mandated by the founders, say “The high profitability and the recurring aspect of the revenue of AB Report has created a strong interest for this company. At the end of the day, it is the strength of the Elige implication that has convinced the directors to go through this operation with them.”

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