Business transfers

Jan 2020

Acemis, a consulting firm specialising in customer experience, is to merge with Novencia, a major consulting and data management firm.

Customers and counterparties

Acemis’ shareholders mandated PAX Corporate Finance to approach potential industry buyers with a view to finding a strategic acquirer. The goal was two fold: to provide a cash-out opportunity for BNP Paribas Développement, an investor in the company from day one, and to enable Acemis to take on a new dimension by merging with a player that is increasing its market share with large groups. After a competitive bidding process, Novencia stood out as the best candidate.

The firm founded by Arnaud Zilliox was able to convince Acemis’ managers to accept its proposal thanks to the strong complementary fit between the two companies’ offers and customer bases.

The newly-formed entity will continue on the external growth path and is expected to exceed €50 million in revenue from 2020. It will now work to standardise and analyse data in real time to facilitate the successful transformation of its customers.

Associate members