Jun 2013

AdServerPub, a company specialized in online advertising and targeting of Internet users, has just successfully completed its first round of financing.

Customers and counterparties

With a turnover of several million euros for its third financial year, self-financed and profitable, AdServerPub raised structured financing of 2 M€ mainly from investment funds managed by Alliance Entreprendre and Sigma Gestion.

This first fund raising will enable AdServerPub to consolidate its position in the online advertising market in France and abroad and to increase its R&D efforts.
According to Laurent Mouflin, Partner at PAX Corporate Finance, “what attracted investors was on the one hand the company’s ability to constantly outperform an already well oriented market and on the other hand the clear vision of its managers and their expectations regarding the technological breakthroughs underway”.

With a double growth, number of advertisers and their budgets, the Display market is experiencing a strong development and compared to other media, advertising investments on the Display are still far from exploiting the full potential of the audience of Internet sites, which suggests good prospects for the future.
Without contenting itself with the natural growth of its market, AdServerPub has sought to go even further by offering its advertiser customers ever more performance and control over their ROI. For this, the company has developed a technological platform integrating innovative tools for the distribution and optimization of advertising campaigns, whatever the medium; web, mobile and tablet or format: rich media, video…

Thanks to its unique philosophy and a high remuneration offered to its website publishing partners, the company has one of the largest networks of websites in France, totalling 16.8 million unique visitors (source ComScore August 2012) for 15,000 partner sites. AdServerPub broadcasts several tens of millions of advertising banners every day, mainly paid to the CPM and the CPC.

Based on cross analyses, consumer habits and interests of Internet users, based on its proprietary technology, the company offers its customers to target in real time Internet users likely to buy their products. With its auction algorithms and its ability to target each user individually, AdServerPub is already taking full advantage of the advent of RTB and AdExchanges.

For Mathieu Rouxel, in charge of the investment in AdServerPub, “in just 3 years and thanks to relevant technological developments, adapted recruitment and their dynamism, Ylan Temim and Yohann Mathieu have succeeded in creating a significant player in the Display market. Our investment will enable them to continue their growth, hitherto self-financed, in France and internationally. »

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