Business transfers

Feb 2020

Pax Corporate Finance supports the biologists/partners of the Anabio 05 laboratory in their merger with Cerba Healthcare.

Customers and counterparties

Cerba Healthcare is extending its operations to Gap with the takeover of the Anabio 05 laboratory.


Anabio 05, headed by doctors Desclaux-Arramond, Dyen and Lanfranchi, is the leading player in medical biology in Gap. Thanks to its three sampling sites, the laboratory generates revenues of nearly €6 million.

As the company’s partners wanted to merge with a major partner and enable some biologists to leave, they mandated Pax Corporate Finance to support them in this process. Cerba Healthcare, which already has a presence in the region with the recent acquisitions of Manesq (Manosque) and Gassendi (Digne-les-Bains), quickly stepped up with an attractive price and a regional project.

Cerba Healthcare is a world leader in medical biology. With nearly 600 biologists working at its 450 local laboratories and its 150 sampling centres, the group focuses on five complementary activities:

  • Specialised medical biology centred at Laboratoire Cerba,
  • Local medical biology,
  • Veterinary biology and genetics,
  • Clinical trial biology,
  • Diagnostic test biology.

Present on five continents, Cerba Healthcare provides care for 25 million patients each year. This acquisition enables the group to continue to extend its national coverage, particularly its Hautes-Alpes Durance Cerballiance division.

The Anabio 05 laboratory is thereby pursuing its local development while benefiting from the implementation of significant synergies.

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