Mar 2020

Antenia and Leader Informatique increase their capital through an investment by Pierre Dalmaz.

Customers and counterparties

Antenia and Leader Informatique are welcoming Pierre Dalmaz as a majority shareholder through his Ebene holding company. Managers and founders Joël Baude and Norbert Fouques retain a minority of the shares. The two managers had appointed Pax Corporate Finance to significantly enhance the company’s financial soundness and, following a competitive process in which investors and industry professionals participated, Pierre Dalmaz offered the winning proposal. The transaction, completed mainly through a capital increase, met all the requirements and resulted in equity rising by €2.8 million. This transaction also simplifies the group’s structure, with Antenia now holding 100% of the capital of its Leader Informatique subsidiary. The investments made by Pierre Dalmaz and the managers will support the development of both these companies, with the goal of tripling consolidated turnover over the next three years to more than 10 million euros.

Active in the business software market since 1985, Antenia and Leader Informatique publish and distribute integrated management solutions for the insurance industry. The range of software is known for its ease of use and its feature-rich functionality tailored to the needs and requirements of industry professionals. These “software packages” help to speed up the distribution and management of insurance products and support the digital transformation of insurance businesses in compliance with regulatory requirements.

What makes these products different is the ability to customise them according to businesses’ strategic objectives:
– Multichannel customer relationship management;
– Digitisation and optimisation of managers’ business processes;
– Better traceability and better management of financial flows;
– Development of distribution partnerships;

Based in Lille, where the head office is located, and in Paris, Antenia and Leader Informatique distribute their solutions throughout France and in several countries around the world.

On this occasion, Pierre Dalmaz stated: “Antenia and Leader Informatique develop high-quality software that is already used by many insurance companies, mutual insurance companies and insurance brokers, and could potentially be used by the largest insurance companies. We are convinced that, with our experience in developing companies and the financial resources they need to expand, we can together help these two companies grow and become market leaders. ”
Managers Joël Baude and Norbert Fouques stated: “Our long-standing experience in the insurance industry, our current customer base and the quality of our software are definite assets that boost our development. However, we had to find the capital to support it and we are delighted to be helped by Ebene and its manager, Pierre Dalmaz. ”

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