Sep 2019

A specialist in engineering and digital transformation, the APSIDE Group announces the acquisition of KELEY CONSULTING, a firm specialising in digital strategy.

Customers and counterparties

Founded in 1976, APSIDE is a market leader in France with annual growth of more than 10% for over 15 years now. Achieving annual revenue of some €198m, the group stands out through the diversity of its expertise in fields such as IT systems, technological & industrial engineering and the development of digital solutions. APSIDE operates in multiple sectors including banking & finance, insurance, defence, automotive, telecoms and media. Headed by Pierre Gauthier, APSIDE exploits the know-how of its 2,500 employees and 22 branch offices both in France and abroad (Germany, Belgium, Morocco, Portugal and Switzerland).

"Supported by PAX CORPORATE FINANCE with the backing of SIPAREX, these operations are a clear illustration of the group's development strategy. In addition to the expansion of our range of services, we share values with both of these companies – shared values with a real focus on the client and on the human aspects." Pierre Gauthier, CEO of APSIDE:

With the support of the investment bank PAX CORPORATE FINANCE in order to identify, initiate and negotiate the acquisition, APSIDE can now count on additional revenue of €10m.

Concluded in parallel with the acquisition of the ELANZ group, this operation follows the restructuring of the majority holding in APSIDE conducted by SIPAREX in February 2018, with the support of multiple entities of the Crédit Agricole group and involving around one hundred of the Group’s executives, with the objective of enabling APSIDE to commence a new stage in its development.

KELEY CONSULTING is a digital native company founded by Pierre Guimard (formerly of BCG, Accenture and Its services enable its clients, large groups (12 in the CAC40) and start-ups to define their digital strategy, to exploit data and to implement their digital projects (development of web, mobile, social media applications, etc).

With some hundred consultants and engineers specialising in digital, KELEY CONSULTING has enjoyed strong growth, with revenue now approaching €10m. The merger enables APSIDE to enhance its digital offering by offering its clients a comprehensive range of support services, covering definition, production and implementation of the digital strategy.

"The synergies of this merger are self-evident. APSIDE is able to provide us with access to numerous clients. For our part, we provide APSIDE with complementary services in consulting, notably making it possible to enter projects at an earlier stage and at a higher level within the client company", enthuses Pierre Guimard, Partner-Director of KELEY.
Building a market leader in the digital services of tomorrow

The APSIDE Group now enjoys a presence throughout the digital value chain, from digital strategy to technical engineering and production. The merger therefore presents clients with the opportunity to benefit from proven and complementary fields of expertise to tackle large-scale projects.

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