Feb 2006

Customers and counterparties

The context

In September 2004, Mr de WECK mandated CLARESCO CONSULTING for the sale of one of his companies: Point cad, which provides industrial designers working on autocad.

Difficulty in finding buyers interested in the target. In March 20205, Arphytech expressed interest. The sale was concluded in June 2005. The buyers do not obtain the necessary financing. The sale is stopped in October 2005.

Negotiations resumed in May 2006. As Point Cad was reduced by half its workforce, the price was revised accordingly. Arphytech was able to pay

ARPHYTECH strategy

Mr CARDOT, the director of Arsaudi, has the project of creating an IT group by constituting autonomous units, managed by managers whose vocation is to gradually increase their stake in the capital to 30%. The objective is to turn managers into entrepreneurs.

At present, the group owns 3 companies: Arphytech with 45 people, X1, a Luxembourg-based IT management company with 15 people, X2, a small call centre


The director, Mr de WECK, concentrated his activities on maritime maintenance in Dunkirk, an activity with very high profitability. He therefore wished to separate from Point Cad in order to devote himself solely to his own activity, as the management of Point Cad’s personnel was taking up too much of his time.

Associate members