Jun 2016

PAX Corporate Finance advised the shareholders of ASTRALAB in the disposal of the group to BIOGROUP – LCD.

Customers and counterparties

Astralab involved in the blood testing sector, based in Limoges, has completed its sale to Biogroup – LCD. With several locations and an efficient technical platform, Astralab has generated around 10m€ of sales.

The shareholders of Astralab mandated PAX Corporate Finance early 2016 as financial adviser to restructure the shareholding structure and to finance the build-up strategy. Pax Corporate Finance launched an auction process which has been completed by Biogroup– LCD, a major independent player in this sector.

Owned by Doctor Stéphane Eimer, Biogroup– LCD has 140 blood testing laboratories in Eastern France (Alsace, Lorraine, Franche-Comté and Bourgogne) and in Ile-de-France and will generate 180m€ of sales at the end of the year. Biogroup-LCD employs 1400 people including 170 biologists.

This acquisition will allow Biogroup – LCD expand into a new a region, l’Aquitaine-Limousin-Poiton-Charentes and therefore to develop its national footprint.

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