Business transfers

May 2017

With the acquisition of the ATRIUM solution, ENNOV completes its software suite for the pharmaceutical industry.

Customers and counterparties

Since 2009, AT Event sells the ATRIUM solution, that perfectly answers the new regulatory constraints of the industry requiring the sells representatives of the laboratories to provide full transparency of their contacts with health professionals.

Sanofi, Roche, Astellas, Amgen and a lot of other big pharmaceuticals use the ATRIUM solution to manage their transparency requirements, similar in numerous countries such as France (Bertrand law) or USA (Sunshine Act). Other industries are or will soon be required to follow similar rules : medical devices, tobacco, veterinary laboratories… making the potential market huge.

The investment bank PAX CORPORATE FINANCE has been mandated to find a partner capable of following the great development of ATRIUM and creating synergies to further accelerate the deployment of the solution to its potential clients.

The merger with ENNOV particularly makes sense, creating a software group of 15M€ revenues, with 4 worldwide subsidiaries in France, USA, UK and Japan, benefiting the common clients of AT Event and ENNOV.

ENNOV is recognized by Gartner as a top software provider for life-science companies. The ENNOV software suite includes managing process and contents for quality requirements, regulation issues, clinical studies and pharmacovigilance. This new acquisition allows ENNOV to complete its software suite with transparency management and scientific congress management modules.

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