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Oct 2018

ATEXO CONSEIL has joined the NOVEANE Group.

Customers and counterparties

ATEXO Conseil, a consulting firm specialising in the public sector, has joined the NOVEANE group, a specialist in digital transformation projects. ATEXO Conseil thus extends the service offer provided by the NOVEANE group. This new external growth operation for NOVEANE comes almost a year after the acquisition of Cabinet Aerial.

ATEXO Conseil is a structure recognized by public sector players and has an experienced team in the fields of dematerialization, “citizen relations”, HRIS, community asset management (SIP), public finances management and the modernization of government services. The firm offers various high-value-added services: consulting in IT strategy and governance, framing and choice of solutions, process modelling and optimization and project management. By integrating the teams of ATEXO Conseil, the NOVEANE group, which now has 175 employees, plans to achieve a consolidated turnover of more than 20 million euros in 2019.

Thomas CHAUCHARD, Chairman of NOVEANE explains: “In less than two years, we have doubled our turnover and experienced exponential growth driven by all our areas of expertise. The integration of ATEXO Conseil into NOVEANE is a strong sign of our desire to provide the public sector with an offer that can simultaneously meet the needs of the central services of the State as well as those of local and regional authorities. Integrating the global chain from support in defining the state’s digital strategy to the effective rollout of applications and change management within local authorities is a real advantage to address the overall concerns of governments. This new expertise allows us to diversify NOVEANE’s customer base and to balance the weight between support services for the “business” departments of companies and public organisations and those for information system management and the continuity of their efficiency at the service of their internal customers”.

Benjamin LANG, Associate Director at ATEXO Conseil explains “By integrating the NOVEANE group, we will offer our clients new perspectives. The complementarity between ATEXO Conseil and the other areas of expertise that make up the NOVEANE group is a real asset that will enable us to position ourselves as a key partner to support public players in their digital transformation.”

Adrien TOURRES, Founder of PAX Corporate Finance

and financial advisor of the ATEXO group, states: “We are pleased to have supported the sale of the ATEXO group’s consulting subsidiary. This project, which reflects the group’s desire to refocus on its software publishing activity, has generated strong interest from the market. Indeed, ATEXO Conseil has been well known for many years for its quality services for the public sector. NOVEANE has put forward the most solid industrial project allowing the conclusion of this attractive operation.”

Through this structuring operation, NOVEANE demonstrates its ability to offer a unique solution to its customers to support them in their digital transformation processes. It is in this context that the group is continuously investing to expand its areas of intervention by increasing the skills of its employees and by carrying out external growth operations.

The people involved in the operation:


Purchaser: Groupe NOVEANE, Thomas CHAUCHARD, Pierre CRIBIER

Company, Senior Investment Banker: PAX CORPORATE FINANCE, Adrien TOURRES, Julien TRUC, Sébastien LELEU, Pierre-Axel DIEDERICHS

Company, Business Lawyer: BREMOND & ASSOCIES, Hector ARROYO, Magali BERTRAND

Company, Business Lawyer: FIDAL, Ghislain BABOIN-JAUBERT

Purchaser, Financial DD: MAYFIELD PARTNERS, Ali FATHI, Mégane DIAGNE

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