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Feb 2022

Avanteam's founders open their capital to ten managers and UI Investissement in order to write a new page in their development

Customers and counterparties

The fast-growing software publisher, an expert in the digitalization and automation of business processes, has restructured its capital around its management team and UI Investissement, which has become a major shareholder. The company’s turnover is close to €9m, up 28% over the last financial year. The transaction is supported by debt arranged by BNP Paribas, to which Caisse d’Epargne Ile de France also subscribes.

Avanteam intends to continue its development by maintaining its level of investment in its innovative low-code application modeling platform and its catalog of business applications (quality, risks, purchasing, supplier invoices, contracts, etc.). These two areas will enable the company to differentiate itself easily and generate additional revenue from its clients and benefit from new growth drivers thanks to the ESG themes.

The entry of UI Investissement is intended to structure the group’s growth approach around its founders – Mehrad Rushenas and Patrick Van Loo – who remain the reference shareholders, while involving the ten main historical managers. Beyond this operation, it is already planned to involve a wider circle of employees in a virtuous objective of creating and sharing value.

Following a process orchestrated by PAX Corporate Finance, UI Investissement was able to convince Avanteam’s management of the relevance of its active investor model and by implementing an ambitious management incentive plan. The investor invests through its FPCI Cap Entrepreneurs 2. The transaction is based on debt arranged by BNP Paribas, the group’s historic bank, together with Caisse d’Epargne Ile de France

"We are delighted to have teamed up with Pax Corporate Finance to complete this project. For business leaders like us, who are 100% operational, having a competent and dedicated team to support you throughout the process is an invaluable time and money saver. Thanks to their sound advice, we were able to prepare the right business plan, meet the right investors and, above all, choose the right financial partner. UI Investissement understands our business, adheres to our strategy, and shares our corporate values", explain Mehrad Rushenas and Patrick Van Loo, the main shareholders and founders of Avanteam.

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