Business transfers

Jun 2014

Xpair, the leading Monegasque company in digital information for HVAC & energy engineering professionals, has strengthened Batiactu Groupe's offer with the & portals.

Customers and counterparties

Founded in Monaco in 2000 by Philippe Nunes, has developed around technical information focused on the climate & energy performance segment thanks to a network of expert consultants and qualitative content.

In 2007, Xpair added to its offer the thermal comfort information portal dedicated to individuals:

Buoyed by a proven business model, Xpair quickly established itself as the leader in this segment. According to Philippe Nunes “The merger with Batiactu Groupe will accelerate our development and offer new services”.

Through this acquisition, Batiactu Groupe, publisher of sites, and, reinforces its status as an independent group leader in information and digital solutions for construction and housing. “The acquisition of Xpair completes our skills and our offerings on the promising theme of energy performance,” says Vincent Gadonneix, CEO of Batiactu Groupe.

Advised in its operations by the investment bank PAX Corporate Finance, Xpair will be able to benefit from direct synergies and is already undertaking joint developments with its new partner.

“Xpair has aroused the interest of several players in the professional press and Batiactu has emerged as the most determined potential partner,” emphasises Karine Curtis, Partner at Pax Corporate Finance.

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