Jun 2015

The Battling Club, raises funds, and boxing now in the yard of Audacia.

Customers and counterparties

Passed by HEC and founder of the Nickel brand, which he sold to Interparfums – and now owned by L’Oréal – Philippe Dumont decided to change his universe in 2009.  He creates a boxing gym concept that is new in France and is based on the mythology associated with boxing.

The Battling Club stands out from classic sports halls thanks to an authentic universe centred on boxing and accessible to all. It offers both English and French boxing, wrestling, cardio training… It is destined to become a strong brand of boxing in France, the latter already being declined through cosmetic products dedicated to sport and a range of textiles.

The first Paris venue, with its vintage look, finds its definitive positioning centred on boxing in 2011. A second hall is launched in Angers in 2013. The success of the concept now exceeds the reception capacities and Philippe Dumont has thus decided to move up a gear.

Following the first rounds of financing by business angels, Philippe Dumont decided to accelerate its development by inviting Audacia to its capital. This envelope, combined with bank debt, will notably make it possible to finance the opening of two new Parisian clubs before extending to other French and European metropolises.

According to PAX Corporate Finance, the Battling Club is positioned in a market that is growing by 7% a year on average and still lags far behind those of our European neighbours. It responds to growing consumer demand for differentiated concepts and superior service quality that is clearly distinct from low-cost and impersonal rooms.

The network has nearly 3000 members (40% of whom are women), it has a loyalty rate above market standards and proves that boxing is not just a fashion but a sporting activity that meets consumer demand.

According to Philippe Dumont, the company’s manager, the Battling has the will to become the reference brand and leader of boxing gym in France. Paradoxically, this concept is only known today in Anglo-Saxon countries while the French are looking for fun, rewarding and beneficial sports activities for fitness and health.

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