Jan 2022

The Beaumont-Guez funeral services group has raised €9 million and announced the acquisition of Gillard-Mathon and Capton.

Customers and counterparties

In order to support their development, Julien Guez and Alexandre Beaumont have joined forces with the entrepreneurs’ club Capital Croissance and the private debt fund Financière Arbevel. This transaction will enable them to pursue their growth ambitions in the funeral services market while respecting the values that have shaped the reputation of the two family companies for several generations. The Beaumont-Guez group can now put forward its strength and independence to offer an alternative transmission solution to many family businesses in the sector. Part of the funds raised will be used to acquire Pompes Funèbres Gillard-Mathon and Pompes Funèbres Capton, two historic companies in Maine-et-Loire. With these acquisitions, the group will have 1,500 convoys and a turnover of 7.5 million euros by the end of 2021. The managers will retain a majority stake in the company after the transaction.

In November 2021, Julien Guez and Alexandre Beaumont signed the agreement to join forces by contributing their names to the Beaumont-Guez group. A preliminary step in an ambitious development plan, this first phase enabled the consolidation of the technical and human resources of the two family companies in the service of a common vision: to offer an irreproachable service to families through their values of independence. As an extension of this vision, Beaumont-Guez is becoming a strong alternative to national groups for managers who wish to entrust their family business to another.

To accompany this change of dimension, the founders entrusted PAX Corporate Finance with the task of finding the appropriate financial partners. At the end of a competitive process, Capital Croissance, via its Edelweiss Transition & Impact I vehicle, provided €5 million, mainly in capital. 4 million in acquisition debt subscribed by Financière Arbevel via its Arbevel Dette Privée PME fund. Committed to an SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) approach, Financière Arbevel is offering for the first time via this vehicle a financing solution with a variable rate of interest based on the achievement of CSR criteria. “We are considering the creation of ecological convoys based on a fleet of electric vehicles,” explains Julien Guez.

The entrepreneurial DNA of Capital Croissance convinced the two founders, who were very attentive to the investment and support philosophy of their new partner. “We are delighted to be able to count on Capital Croissance and Financière Arbevel in this operation. Beyond the financial considerations, we were attracted by their great involvement and their perfect understanding of our business, its particular challenges, and our management issues” explains Julien Guez.

The funds provided will be used, in part, to finalise the acquisition of two historical companies in Maine-et-Loire. The rest of the funds will be used for new growth projects planned for 2022. “The growth plan will be based on new acquisitions, which are already under consideration, but also on several openings in regions that are still too neglected,” explains Alexandre Beaumont.

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