Jun 2015

Amundi PEF accompanies the development of Beauty Bubble.

Customers and counterparties

Beauty Bubble, The Smart Cost of express beauty, is giving itself the means to accelerate its development and its geographical network by welcoming Amundi Private Equity Funds (Amundi PEF) to its capital.

The young SME, created in 2010 by a young entrepreneur of 30 years, innovated on the hairdressing market (which represents 6 billion euros), with micro express hairdressing salons, which offer a quality service, at a measured price: only ten euros for a cut or a brushing, in ten minutes without an appointment. Very ecological because no water is used (cuts on dry hair), and practically without electricity consumption (no use of dryers, use of leds…), this new concept has been quickly acclaimed by hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Already present through some fifty sites in France, Beauty Bubble has been able to establish itself in high-traffic locations (railway stations, Metro, Airports) and even within the Beauty departments of large hypermarkets. After a period with Carrefour, who first trusted in this innovation, it is now Casino and Auchan who will welcome with some specific differences Beauty Bubble stands.

The objective is set at 200 sites in France, before conquering the international market, to attract every year a million customers concerned about savings and time saving.

The funds raised with Amundi PEF will consolidate this young innovative company and pre-empt this promising new market, with an extension of services to Beauty Express, and a development of the number of own and franchised sites.
In this dynamic, the manager does not rule out welcoming other investors alongside Amundi PEF in order to seize the boulevard of development opportunities open to the company.

Nicolas Langer, Managing Director and Founder of BeautyCorp: “We are delighted to have Amundi Private Equity Funds in our capital to support our development over the coming years. His support alongside us is essential to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves: 200 sites in France, before embarking on the international conquest. We are very excited to enter a new phase of growth, already well underway, with a renowned financial partner.

Amar Douhane, Partner at Amundi PEF “We were immediately impressed by Beauty Bubble’s positioning and innovative concept, as well as the exceptional dynamism and development talent of its CEO, Nicolas Langer. This concept has brought together leading partners because, after Carrefour, it is now Casino and Auchan that will host the modern and design “Bubbles” dedicated to express beauty.

Drawing on underlying consumer trends (smart cost services) and reference partnerships (SNCF, RATP, major mass retailers), Beauty Corp has all the assets to successfully pursue its expansion and deploy its unique concept.

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