Business transfers

Apr 2022

Pax Corporate Finance is supporting the BIOMED 05 laboratory network in its merger with Cerba HealthCare.

Customers and counterparties

The Biomed 05 network of medical laboratories joined the Cerba Healthcare group.

Wishing to get closer to a major partner, the partners had mandated Pax Corporate Finance to assist them in this process. Already present in the region, Cerba Healthcare quickly established itself with an attractive price and a regional project.

Biomed 05 thus completes the group’s territorial network via its regional platform Cerballiance Alpes-Durance. In recent years, Cerba Healthcare has acquired the Manesq, Gassendi and Anabio 05 laboratories, during processes that were also intermediated by the Pax Corporate Finance teams.

Cerba Healthcare is present on five continents and treats more than 25 million patients per year. This acquisition allows the group to continue to expand its national coverage and in particular its Cerballiance Hautes-Alpes Durance division.

The Biomed 05 laboratory is thus continuing its local development while benefiting from the implementation of important synergies.

Associate members