Jul 2007

PAX CONSULT grows with the takeover of CLARESCO CONSULTING.

Customers and counterparties

Claresco Consulting was founded in late 1999 by Jacques Berthelot, former manager of CAP Gemini’s operating systems. This mergers and acquisitions consultancy firm has supported key tech companies with their strategic mergers and has completed fifteen transactions.

For Adrien Tourres, founding partner of Pax Consult , “This acquisition consolidates and is consistent with our growth strategy in this niche market. In addition, it allows us to incorporate complementary profiles into our team.”

Jacques Berthelot explains his desire to join Pax Consult “In order to pursue our development, I wanted Claresco Consulting to join an established / innovative and dynamic company. Pax Consult will allow us to move forward. This firm has a promising future. The diversity of its employees’ experience, their detailed knowledge of the tech sector, and their financial skill give them a competitive edge. Combining our skills and knowledge will help us strive together to become the European leader in mergers and acquisitions on the information technologies market.”

Claresco Consulting thus increases Pax Consult’s market share and reinforces its position as the French leader in the IT sector for medium-sized transactions.