Business transfers

Jun 2009

The closing of the sales mandate took place at the end of July 2006. The deal lasted eight months.

Customers and counterparties

The sales of the Rennes and Strasbourg agencies took place beforehand.

Before selling its agency to Seriacom, Cohéris wanted to find a renowned buyer. However, its activities, and therefore its negotiating strength, have begun to diminish. That is why the seller finally decided to choose Seriacom.

Through this sale, Cohéris wished to continue its refocusing on software publishing and to withdraw from its service activities.

Seriacom was interested in buying the business of the agency and especially in taking over the 7 billables, which allowed them to hire a manager especially for the occasion.

Moreover, this transaction allowed them to establish themselves in the South without investing too heavy resources and especially with an immediately operational economic tool.

The amount of the transaction could have been higher if it had taken place earlier, when the company presented larger figures.

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