Business transfers

Jun 2010

PAX Corporate Finance is assisting Grimmersoft in its merger with Conversoft, a subsidiary of the Business & Décision group.

Customers and counterparties

In order to study several external growth opportunities, Grimmersoft called on the services of PAX for its knowledge of the market. Given the complementary nature of the offers, a merger was quickly envisaged with the Business & Décision Group subsidiary

GRIMMERSOFT publishes software for the creation of surveys, analysis and restitution of results. Grimmersoft’s solutions are highly successful with an installed base of over 500 customers and 20,000 users.

CONVERSOFT has been designing, publishing and distributing software packages for market surveys and studies for over twenty years. Its software offer addresses the problems of questionnaire implementation, interviewer supervision and results editing. To date, it equips more than 11,000 workstations for 200 customers worldwide.

The combination of Conversoft’s expertise in data collection and Grimmersoft’s expertise in reporting, statistical analysis and panel management tools gives the new merged entity, Feedback and Co, a leading position in the Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) market. This merger will generate significant synergies by strengthening the functional coverage of these two players.

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