Oct 2010

PAX Corporate Finance has organised the new fundraising of the Elyssom Group. The Elyssom Group arms its two daughters: Erco Gener and Sedimap.

Customers and counterparties

The Elyssom Group, through its two main subsidiaries, Erco & Gener and Sedimap, is one of the French leaders in the fast-growing “Machine to Machine” communications market.

At the crossroads of service and solution provider and technology integrator, Elyssom is positioned on high value-added niche markets exclusively in the B-to-B sector.

Already supported by two investment funds, Midi Capital and Corfri, Elyssom has been growing steadily for several years and in order to strengthen its market position, the group called on PAX Corporate Finance to organise a new round of financing. This process enabled the company to raise €2.5 million from Audacia, an amount which is divided between its two main subsidiaries, Erco & Gener and Sedimap.

Elyssom is now positioned as a market consolidator capable of federating companies in the “M to M” sector on a European scale.

Associate members