Jun 2009

Audacia boosted Elyssom's subsidiaries.

Customers and counterparties

In November 2008, the holding Elyssom received 2.75 M Euros from Midi Capital, this time around its two subsidiaries, Erco & Gener and Sedimap, to carry out a capital increase.

After an initial round, they each received 1.25 million euros from Audacia, via the holding company ISF Audacia 2015. Both structures welcome the investor as a minority they remain controlled by their parent company.

With a total of around one hundred employees, they are dedicated to machine-to-machine solutions – a process
which allows two devices to communicate with each other, via Wifi or GSM waves. Based in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, Erco & Gener designs and manufactures modems to be integrated into the devices. Montalbanais Sedimap is particularly involved in automotive applications, particularly in the management of a taxi fleet.

With a consolidated turnover of around 18 million Euros for 2008, the two companies now intend to gain weight in Germany and Spain, where Sedimap already has subsidiaries.

Associate members