May 2019

Cap Sud Group is raising 20 million euros with the founding family of Decathlon.

Customers and counterparties

Leader in the construction of rooftop photovoltaic systems, Cap Sud Group has opened its capital to the founding family of Decathlon for shoring up its equity base in view of its continued development. Afir, the financial holding of the Leclercq family, has acquired a stake in the group along with Stéphane Gilli, founder and CEO of Cap Sud. The group has thus acquired considerable resources for financing continued annual growth of 50% in its historical core businesses while developing new photovoltaic business.

Established in 2006 by Stéphane Gilli, Cap Sud Group is involved in all design phases of photovoltaic power systems, from development to construction through to maintenance and site management. With more than 60 employees, it has installed over 700 solar roofs on agricultural hangars, for a connected load of some 78MWp, while managing operation and maintenance for nearly 1200 sites.

Already leader on the domestic market, the group is now developing internationally, especially in Brazil, Madagascar and in Burkina Faso. The company also wants to launch a new self-consumption business for private individuals.

This fundraising, advised by investment bank Pax Corporate Finance and the law firm of Dolidon Partners, will allow Cap Sud to continue its rapid growth on its historic market of photovoltaic roofs in France while providing a strong boost to the group’s two new strategic focuses.

Stéphane Gilli, CEO of Cap Sud Group: “With the stake recently acquired by a reliable new partner, my company wants to develop even more challenging projects on an increasingly larger scale. Regular discussions between the Leclercq family, our employees and myself quickly encouraged us to pursue this choice.”

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