Jun 2015

RC Concept Group offers Avenir Etalage's expertise in the decoration and installation of airport sales areas.

Customers and counterparties

The RC Concept Group, which has a turnover of €30 million, is one of the French leaders in point-of-sale (POS) promotion and communication. The group acquires Avenir Etalage, which will enable it to develop its “travel retail” offer.

Created 25 years ago by Raphaël Cohen, RC Concept quickly positioned itself as a communication agency dedicated to the cosmetics industry. For several years, the Group has been growing externally, particularly with a view to developing a leading integrated industrial tool and extending its know-how and services for its customers. This strategy has increased its offering, product quality and responsiveness. RC Concept is particularly present in the cosmetics, luxury goods, clothing, tobacco and spirits markets. The EPF Partners investment fund acquired a stake in the Group in 2011 to support its rapid growth.

Since the creation of Avenir Etalage in 1986, the agency has specialised in the field of theatre and merchandising for the selective airport perfumery sector. Today, it manufactures and installs Showcases, Podiums, Furniture, POS, Visuals… as part of promotional campaigns and product launches for its customers. It is also involved in events for its customers: conventions, seminars, stands…

Based in Argenteuil, is directed by the duo Christine Denis and David Lamour. The company relies on a team of specialists in various trades (joinery, tapestry, decoration, merchandising and display).

The project of the RC Concept Group is to develop Avenir Etalage to offer a multi-service European platform in the field of decoration and installation, serving an international clientele.

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