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Mar 2022

Home Plus completes an OBO with the support of its historical banking partners

Customers and counterparties

The Ile-de-France-based specialist in energy efficiency work, with revenues of €15 million, has completed its first financial operation with the support of Crédit du Nord and LCL.

With energy costs continuing to rise, France will have nearly 5 million “thermal flats” by 2021. Home Plus has been working for more than 10 years to curb energy waste and assist the millions of French people living in fuel poverty. Founded in the early 2010s by Charles Hunsinger and Jonathan Chlewicki, Home Plus is a long-standing player in energy efficiency work in France. Its expertise is based on B2C and B2B insulation work as well as the installation of eco-efficient equipment – heat pumps, thermodynamic tanks, etc.

The company, which has 80 employees, can count on the professionalism and know-how of its teams, which carry out more than 6,000 projects each year, from the Île-de-France region to the far west of France. Working directly with a clientele of private individuals and more recently with professionals, Home Plus has set up a respectful commercial process based on the identification of leads via the Internet. The company is thus distinguished by the absence of telephone prospecting.

In order to support the energy transition more effectively, Home Plus now works on global renovation projects. This new method of intervention consists of the concomitant execution of work on both materials and energy efficiency equipment. More and more popular with households, comprehensive renovation ensures a real gain in performance before and after.

PAX Corporate Finance assisted the founders in the financial engineering of the LBO transaction as well as in the structuring of a senior debt for the needs of the package.

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