Business transfers

Jun 2020

Pax Corporate Finance supports INOP'S in its merger with

Customers and counterparties

INOP’S and announce the completion of their merger, creating the French leader in freelance work.

According to Laurent Levy, President of INOP'S: "I am delighted with this merger with the group and our shared ambition to launch a major industrial project with all our teams. In an economic environment that is changing towards more value for talent and agility for large organisations, a strong dynamic of our respective teams to disrupt the market, a DNA of innovation deeply rooted in the genes of our organisations... this merger was so obvious! This new 360° approach to the strong complementarity of our know-how will immediately benefit all our private & public sector clients."
According to Sylvestre Blavet, Chairman and CEO of "We are delighted to be joining forces with INOP'S, a company that is both profitable and growing rapidly. This is a new step that will enable us to consolidate our leadership in a young market with immense potential, where much remains to be done. The world of work is changing rapidly and we want to support the societal changes that are taking place. With INOP'S, we are further expanding our service offering to address the needs of both talent and companies as widely as possible. The future looks extremely interesting and exciting for all our teams and all those involved in the liberated work environment.

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