Jun 2017

Circles de la Forme becomes leader in Paris with the takeover of ASPTT clubs.

Customers and counterparties

The Circles de la Forme acquire the 4 Paris clubs of the ASPTT Paris Ile-de-France.  This acquisition brings its network to 22 Parisian clubs with a total surface area of 25,000 m² serving nearly 70,000 customers.

The Fitness market is in full development in France: it generates more than 3 billion euros in 2016 with a growth forecast of 5% per year and concerns more than 5 200 000 practitioners. This dynamic is driven by underlying trends: (i) a significant delay compared to other European countries in terms of fitness adoption, (ii) an ageing population attentive to better living and (iii) a difficult economic context favouring the practice of a sporting activity[anti-stress effect].

The Circles de la Forme, founded by Bertrand Bonelli, have become a reference in sport in Paris in 30 years.  Accompanied by his wife Sandrine Bonelli, they will quickly find the formula of their success by integrating for the first time in a gym, fitness, dance and martial arts. Today, the Circles de la Forme offer access to more than 85 sports disciplines in a competitive package and deliver 10,000 group lessons per month to their clients.

ASPTT Paris Ile-de-France presents itself as “the first historic sports club in Ile-de-France”.  Founded in 1908 by young postmen and telegraphers, the association developed over the 20th century to today count 24 sports activities and 7 500 members. Faced with greater competition on the Paris market, the association faced financial difficulties leading to the sale of its activities as part of a collective procedure.

In this context, by decision of the Paris Commercial Court, the Circles de la Forme acquired the association’s 4 Parisian venues located rue de Bercy – 12ème, Espace sportif Charléty – 13ème, Boulevard Brune – 14ème, Espace sportif Ladoumègue – 19ème.

With this acquisition, the Circles de la Forme claim the leading position in the Paris fitness market with a network of 22 clubs.

According to Bertrand Bonelli, director of the Circles de la Forme, “We are delighted to welcome the clients and employees of ASPTT Paris Ile-de-France to the Circles de la Forme.  We are convinced that they will find an expanded playground for more fun and satisfaction on a daily basis.  We share the same sense of service and concern for a quality sporting offer. We have been sensitive to the history of ASPTT and the many athletes that the association has accompanied for over a century. We will therefore be keen to continue this adventure within the Circles de la Forme for the primary benefit of Parisian women and men of all ages.  »


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