Jun 2013

The second Parisian fitness club network, which has just opened its capital to CM-CIC Capital Finance, has acquired a ninth venue, the Country Club of Châtillon, with 2,500 subscribed members.

Customers and counterparties

Circles of Form keep their word. As he suggested a few weeks ago when he raised €3.5 million from CM-CIC Capital Finance, this fitness group, of which a little over 80% of the capital is still in the hands of its two founders – Bertrand and Sandrine Bonelli -, is now in the ninth room. With the support of M&A PAX Corporate Finance, this group, which generated 10 M€ in turnover in 2012 with 96 employees, has just taken over the Country Club of Châtillon from its founder, Gilles Collat. With 1,200 m² of sports facilities in the heart of the city, the target, which offers fitness, dance and martial arts activities supervised by qualified teachers, currently has nearly 2,500 members.

Four new clubs in three years

This profitable club, created twenty-five years ago, also has fitness, cardio-training and relaxation areas (hammam, sauna, jacuzzi). This strategic transaction, the amount of which is not disclosed, allows the Circles de La Forme to further improve their position in this market. Second fitness network in Paris behind Club Med Gym, they should however not stop there. With nearly 25,000 members each year in Paris and the inner suburbs, this group, which hopes to achieve a turnover of around 30 million euros by 2018, plans to open four new clubs over the next three years in areas of at least 1,000 m² located close to bus or metro lines. And this is in a French market, lagging behind its European neighbours, which is expected to grow by 5% each year.