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Jul 2022

The wealth management firm Linard Charbonnel joins the Premium Group.

Customers and counterparties

The wealth management firm Linard Charbonnel joins Groupe Premium.

Thanks to their remarkable complementarity, this merger, orchestrated by the teams of Pax Corporate Finance, is a unique opportunity for Linard Charbonnel and Groupe Premium to develop their offer of insurance products, asset management, and wealth management advice.

This acquisition of a stake in the company will enable Linard Charbonnel to activate growth levers and accelerate its development. Linard Charbonnel will continue to operate independently with its 600 clients while further expanding the quality and relevance of its products and support. The Premium Group is thus strengthening its wealth management department, which completes its offer initially based on insurance brokerage and asset management.

Acceleration of the Premium Group’s growth

The acquisition of Cabinet Linard Charbonnel will reinforce the acceleration of Groupe Premium’s growth. The recent mergers have made it possible to create a Wealth Management department within the Premium Group. This department will eventually become the group’s third main activity, after insurance brokerage and asset management.

Sébastien Leleu, Partner at Pax Corporate Finance, comments: "After discussions with the major players in the market and several investment funds, Premium was able to propose the project that best met the initial specifications of Linard Charbonnel's partners, which consisted of finding a partner that would enable them to accelerate external growth while preserving a significant degree of autonomy and maintaining the same level of quality in the service of major clients and company directors.
Hélène Linard Charbonnel, co-director of Linard Charbonnel, comments: "I deeply believe that performance in asset management is intrinsically linked to the client approach and the human touch. In order to develop our company, I wanted to open the capital to partners who share our values and our approach: a high level of service, boldness, a taste for challenge and teamwork. Our hyper-growth firm is joining a hyper-growth group. This acquisition will enable us to strengthen our positioning while continuing to offer dedicated and qualitative support and maintaining our strong autonomy. I am delighted with this new momentum and enthusiastic about the prospects that are opening up with this entrepreneurial and far-reaching project led by the Premium Group and Eurazeo.
Yann Pelard, COO of Groupe Premium, comments: "I am particularly proud to announce today the signing of this agreement with the firm Linard Charbonnel, which has already enabled us to strengthen the CGP department after the recent acquisitions of Leone Kapital and Renard Partenaires. The meeting with this firm was above all a human encounter with Hélène Linard Charbonnel, co-director and founder of the firm, with whom I share human values and an entrepreneurial vision, as well as a highly developed sense of client interest, in total symbiosis with the DNA of the Premium Group. Our ambition today is to grow with our new structures, both in terms of organic growth and external growth in turn!
Olivier Farouz, President of Groupe Premium, adds: "I am particularly pleased to announce this new partnership with Linard Charbonnel, a reference in Toulouse and the entire Occitanie and Grand Sud- Ouest region. Groupe Premium and Linard Charbonnel share common values, such as pragmatism, authenticity, expertise, tailor-made support combining a human approach and modernity, which will offer us great development opportunities. This new acquisition completes a series of very good external growth operations and will also allow us to balance our main activities: pension and life insurance brokerage, asset management and now wealth management with this new CGP department which should eventually represent a third of Groupe Premium's turnover.

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