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Jan 2024

MATCHevent completes primary LBO with Dzeta Conseils

Customers and counterparties

With over 15 years of experience, the MATCHevent group has established itself as a key player in the events industry. Over the years, the combination of responsiveness and quality of execution has made the group one of the preferred partners for the design and production of large-scale events, both in France and abroad.

MATCHevent’s “one-stop-shop” offering encompasses the supply of audiovisual equipment (MATCHevent), the custom design of stands and fixtures (MATCHconcept), and the executive production of events (Mfactory), whether physical or digital (MATCHdigital). From the coordination of trade shows and congresses to the management of sporting events, as well as the technical production of general meetings and large-scale conferences, the MATCHevent group stands out for its 360° approach, from conception via an integrated design office to technical and logistical coordination.

Thanks to this tailor-made approach, the group has forged solid relationships with its customers, offering solutions tailored to their specific needs and contributing to the repeated success of major events.

Solid growth ambitions are driven by a deep, fragmented market
Dzeta’s acquisition of a stake in MATCHevent, alongside the company’s management team, is designed to accelerate the group’s development. By capitalizing on the combined expertise of MATCHevent and Dzeta, the Group will be able to seize new strategic opportunities and strengthen its presence in France, notably through targeted acquisitions. Dzeta is an investment company founded in 2009 by former operational executives who support and advise managers in their development strategy, as well as in improving operational and financial performance. Dzeta invests in European companies in the B2B services, specialized distribution, technology (techno/media/telecom) and industrial sectors.

"With this partnership, the MATCHevent group is taking a major step forward, which will enable it to continue its organic growth and, above all, to complete its offer through external growth. This is a fantastic opportunity for the group to become a major player in its field, and to consolidate its expertise while retaining the values it holds dear: excellence, commitment, innovation and passion for its profession. We would like to thank our partner Dzeta for the trust it has placed in us, and we are delighted to be taking this turning point with all the driving forces behind the success of our companies." - Franck de Caneva, Chairman of MATCHevent Group and Damien Legrez, Managing Director.
"We were very impressed by MATCHevent's track record in positioning itself as a leader in the value-added audiovisual services market. MATCHevent's truly differentiated offering, with its one-stop shop and tailor-made approach, gives it a strong competitive edge in a market where the competition is organized more around equipment rental than personalized advice. We are convinced that MATCHevent has strong growth potential, both organically and through acquisitions, and that Dzeta, with its entrepreneurial nature and experience in buy & build projects, will be an ideal partner to support the group's development". - Philippe de Lestrange, Partner at DZETA

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