Jun 2011

The MJA Group acquires SBM Advertising, PAX Corporate Finance accompanies MJA on this transaction.

Customers and counterparties

One month after acquiring Néopodia, a media company specialising in mobile takeaways, the Touraine-based multi-channel communications group has turned to the Paris-based agency SBM Advertising, making its seventh acquisition since its creation.

SBMA is a global communications agency with eight areas of expertise. It generated a turnover of €1.2m in 2010 and is highly profitable. With a number of key account references, notably for clients in the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical sectors (Pfizer, Sanofi Aventis, Roche, etc.), SBMA offers strong synergies with the MJA group, which is thus diversifying its field of expertise in sectors that have not yet been explored by the group.

According to Leatitia Bercovitz – Co-founder of SBMA – “The backing of a communication group of significant size will allow us to capitalise on the sales force, while relying on qualified and specialised support functions such as those present within the MJA group”. Until now, the Paris-based company has relied on its network of experienced professionals/freelancers.

This acquisition respects the same acquisition philosophy adopted by Olivier Santini since the creation of his group, i.e. a strong involvement of the historical managers through profit sharing in the group’s results.

About MJA :

Founded in 1998 by Olivier Santini, MJA is an independent communications group based in Tours. The company distinguishes itself from traditional communication companies by offering a complete and complementary range of services to regional SMEs.

The Group currently has 75 employees spread over 4 sites in France: Tours (headquarters), Sèvres, Paris and Nantes. The company has been growing rapidly since its creation and today generates a turnover of €13 million with a gross margin of €8 million.

The MJA group hopes to reach a turnover of €30 million by 2015.

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