Business transfers

Dec 2020

Netinvestissement, a digital pioneer in wealth management, has joined forces with the Primonial group to create a unique player combining a digital platform and personalised client support thanks to experienced wealth management teams.

Customers and counterparties

With offices in Paris and Bordeaux, Netinvestissement is the first global wealth management consultancy site offering all the solutions on the market in terms of financial investments (life insurance, SCPI, etc.) and real estate investments (Pinel, LMNP, etc.).

Its model for generating qualified contacts, unique in the wealth management sector, is based on four pillars: (i) powerful natural referencing on search engines, (ii) omnichannel communication, (iii) an adapted content strategy and (iv) a business model based on user experience and customer satisfaction.

With a team of 30 wealth management professionals, Netinvestissement expects to achieve organic revenue growth of 40% per annum thanks to a continuous increase in traffic to its site, which already has 3 million visitors per year.

After a competitive process led by Pax Corporate Finance teams, the managers finally chose to join forces with Primonial, a leading group in the design, management and advice of investment solutions.

Still based on an open architecture model, the Netinvestissement platform will benefit in particular from a multiplied physical relay based on Primonial’s team, territorial network and expertise in asset engineering.

Karl Toussaint du Wast and Stéphane van Huffel, co-founders of the marketplace, will remain at the helm of Netinvestissement and will continue to develop the company while maintaining the independence, particularly in terms of the solutions offered, that has made the wealth management platform so successful.

Karl Toussaint du Wast and Stéphane van Huffel, founding partners, said: "We are delighted to join forces with Primonial to further develop Netinvestissement's unique model of providing an optimal client experience to our community of thousands of netinvestors while democratising access to the best investment solutions on the market. We share the same values in terms of innovation and education, so it was only natural that we should continue this adventure together for the benefit of our clients.
Rachel de Valicourt, Managing Director of Primonial Ingénierie & Développement - the Primonial group's distribution division - adds: "We wanted to integrate an innovative offer that would allow a 'phygital' approach to asset management: at their own pace, investors discover educational content according to their interests. The human relationship then takes over and accompanies the discovery and choice of investors towards solutions, in open architecture, in all asset classes. We wanted to move towards this very autonomous approach to discovering asset management solutions and are very happy with the complementarity of our distribution offers. Each investor can thus find, within Primonial, a contact person who corresponds to his or her way of approaching asset management.

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