Jun 2017

NEW MEDIAFAB and STUDIO 3B join forces with ODYSSEE VENTURE to create a reference player in the digital printing market.

Customers and counterparties

Emmanuel Denis, CEO of NEW MEDIAFAB and Arthur Fournel of STUDIO 3B, have teamed up with ODYSSEE VENTURE to form a new national group in the large format digital printing sector.

Now with two production sites in Montpellier and Paris, the group will bring together NEW MEDIAFAB, STUDIO 3B and ADHÉQUAT (acquired by STUDIO 3B at the end of 2015). Specialising in various digital printing technologies, the group offers its customers high-quality, tailor-made productions on all media. It positions itself as a key player in institutional communication. It provides flags, posters, POS, signage, or art photographs. Its clients are agencies, advertisers, event specialists, SMEs and local authorities. The reactivity, production quality and positioning of NEW MEDIAFAB and STUDIO 3B perfectly meet customer needs. Indeed, the trend is towards small series customized according to geography, period or target audience.

The managers of the two companies had commissioned PAX CORPORATE FINANCE several months ago to accompany them in their external growth and fundraising projects. Their objective is to pursue acquisitions in order to reach all market segments in this highly fragmented sector. The group thus intends to open branches in France and abroad in order to get closer to its clients, who remain in search of proximity and advice.

According to the PAX CORPORATE FINANCE team, “the high-end positioning, the exceptional depth of the market as well as the experience of the two managers from large groups convinced ODYSSEE VENTURE to subscribe to the capital increase”.

According to Emmanuel DENIS and Arthur FOURNEL, “the formation of a leading group in the large format digital printing market is a very strong event for all our customers. We can now meet all their needs and offer new innovative products exclusively. With the support of ODYSSEE VENTURE, which shares our long-term growth project, the group can now deploy and accelerate its development strategy in France and Europe.

Associate members