Business transfers

Jun 2013

OBIFIVE and HR VALLEY : a strategic alliance in the field of Human Resources Consulting, Change Management and E-Learning.

Customers and counterparties

OBIFIVE, HR consulting company, assessment, training and coaching, with a expertise focused on the human accompaniment of the transformations of the company, and HR VALLEY, a company specialized in change management and elearning, announce their merger, thus giving birth to an independent player of the in the field of Management and Human Resources Consulting. OBIFIVE, created in 2004 and based in Paris, employs more than 35 specialized consultants in the areas of human resources and change management, and provides consulting services to key account clients French (CAC 40) and foreign companies. The company, which achieved in 2012 more than 6 Million euros of turnover, is majority owned by its founding executives, and welcomes The investor GITP, a foundation of Dutch origin, is also a shareholder. The also holds an equity interest in Pilotis, a training company inter- and intra-company.

HR VALLEY, created in 2000, is a specialist in team support in transformation projects, by grouping together three complementary businesses: The Consulting, “learning solutions”, and management support. The a company owned by its founding managers, generated €5.3 million in sales with approximately 30 consultants.

Beyond the important commercial synergies allowing to target a turnover above 12 M€ in 2013, the new Group named Obifive HR Valley constitutes Today one of the major players in the sector (more than 75 consultants), and is now armed to win new customers, both in France and abroad, particularly in Asia, which is a strategic focus. Advised by Laurent-Bernard Féral (partner of PAX Corporate Finance), the company OBIFIVE met with the partners of HR VALLEY a similar culture and an innovative approach to training and highly qualified teams and expertise. complementary to those of Obifive.

On a financial level, the transaction demonstrates the relevance, performance and solidity of a consulting company model, whose capital is widely divided between several associates (today a dozen), in order to promote the valorization and the liquidity of the oldest partners, while preserving the sustainability of the society and the renewal of generations of associate and future managers partners. The presence of a “financial” investor is possible here, and contributes to the attractiveness of this organisational scheme.

“In a context of increasing internationalisation, accelerated development of technologies, faced with new expectations of the social body, our ambition is to create a new reference entity with global competence of tailor-made support for transformation projects,” Christian says. Darvogne, President of Obifive HR Valley.

“Obifive HR Valley brings together innovative approaches and innovative solutions under one roof. expertise on what are today the key success factors of projects  of transformation and growth. We believe that people, cultures and a good appropriation of technological developments make the difference in the success of organizations and the invention of the future,” adds Daniel Baroin, Vice President of thePresident of Obifive HR Valley.