Business transfers

Mar 2022

The Pharmacorp group of pharmacies is changing its scope by joining forces with Hygie31.

Customers and counterparties

After a very positive performance in 2021, Pharmacorp, the leader in traditional local pharmacies in France (400 member pharmacies, €600 million in turnover), has announced a partnership with Hygie 31, which specializes in advising and supporting health and well-being brands (250 member pharmacies, 50 optical shops, and 17 medical equipment shops, 2 e-parapharmacy sites, €1 billion in turnover in 2021). This strategic merger between the two Toulouse-based players involves Hygie31 acquiring a stake in Gener’+, the Pharmacorp group’s central referencing center.

Its stated ambition is to create a French healthcare leader, capable of influencing the French pharmacy market.

Pharmacorp is thus moving closer to Hygie31, a specialist in the health and well-being sector.

Hervé Jouves & Laurent Filoche

I am delighted with this new stage for Pharmacorp and the development that the merger with Hygie 31 will allow. Thanks to its expertise, we will be able to develop new offers and services adapted to our current and future pharmacies, in particular by strengthening our position in medical equipment, an essential offer for our patients located in peri-urban/rural areas and a growth driver for our members. We also aim to capitalize on its know-how to set up young pharmacists, through the implementation of contribution boosters. Lastly, we are also counting on this partnership to strengthen our mass purchasing and increase our influence in the healthcare sector. However, this merger will in no way affect our independence, nor the values to which we are committed: Pharmacorp will retain its status as a company of independent pharmacists, serving its members and owned by them. I will continue to serve as Chairman of Pharmacorp and will continue to defend the profession through my role as President of the UDGPO union. Laurent Filoche, President of Pharmacorp.
We have always wanted to develop a genuine health ecosystem and to be a major player in the health and well-being sector, particularly in the pharmacy market. We have therefore developed a series of e-commerce brands and sites in the parapharmacy, optical, and medical equipment sectors, which are perfect complements to a pharmacy, and we remain open to external growth opportunities to consolidate our position. The year 2021 has been extremely beneficial for Hygie31's pharmacies and partners, which ended the year with a turnover of more than one billion euros, which proves the relevance of our concepts and the quality of our support. Thanks to this merger with Pharmacorp, we will be able to pool our assets and enable each pharmacy owner to find the pharmacy model that suits him or her in order to benefit from ad hoc support, regardless of the area in which he or she is located: rural, suburban, urban or even neighborhood. In this way, we will strengthen our relations with the laboratories and continue to improve the commercial conditions of our members while generating real efficiencies for our partner laboratories. Hervé Jouves, President of Hygie31.

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