Business transfers

Jun 2014

Created in 2007, Phineo is an innovation consulting firm offering engineering services. The company is organised around 4 specialized competence centres: Design offices, Systems & Networks, Information Systems, Embedded Technologies.

Customers and counterparties

Articulated in this way, Phineo provides technical assistance, fixed-price or service centre services and has developed a real know-how in the governance of complex and transverse projects as well as in the urbanisation of the information system.

The company employs more than 160 consultants experienced in agility, extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum techniques allowing short and iterative development cycles to best meet its customers’ expectations.

In 6 years, the Company has experienced significant revenue growth estimated at over €23 million for fiscal 2013. This consistent development is linked to 4 key differentiators: A presence in most of the innovative niche markets, an exclusive position won in most major accounts, a real know-how in the recruitment and retention of its consultants, a flexible approach in the delivery of its services.

The company chose PAX Corporate Finance to organise a capital restructuring operation and within this framework, several solutions were tested with investment funds. Finally, it was an “Owner Buy Out” type of operation structure that caught the interest of the managers.

A senior debt, arranged by Neuflize OBC and for which the Caisse d’Epargne and BRED are also participating, which are financing the operation for €7.8 million.

With this first operation, Phineo has begun its international deployment and plans to carry out external growth operations in France or abroad in strategic sectors for the future development of the Company.

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