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Feb 2021

Real estate, construction & new technologies. The founder of Resolving sells his company to the GORGÉ family holding company.

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Paris, 10 February 2021 – 15 years after creating Resolving, its Chairman, Cyriaque RIOS, has just sold all his shares to Pelican Venture, the holding company of the GORGÉ family,
in order to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure in the software sector.

After entering the capital of Resolving as a minority shareholder in a second round of financing in January 2019, Pelican Venture, the GORGÉ family holding company, has become the majority shareholder by buying all of Cyriaque RIOS’ shares. All these activities, with a new corporate name, will thus join the Softwares division of
Pelican’s profitable and fast-growing softwares division, which is expected to achieve a turnover of over €10 million in 2021.
Cyriaque RIOS will keep the Resolving brand and intends to quickly launch a new development:
Resolving RED ( This new entity will capitalise on Resolving’s success story, its technological know-how, its knowledge of the various real estate markets and the immediate integration of four long-standing Resolving employees to continue designing and developing new digital solutions, without ruling out the possibility of diversifying in terms of business sector.

"More than a company, the group I created is above all a state of mind, an approach driven by the creation of value. After having focused on construction, we are continuing the adventure towards new horizons, always via the creation of software and advanced technologies. Today, we are focusing on digital media, especially those dedicated to digital marketing and customer experience through co-design. Covid-19 has accelerated profound societal changes and the evolution of new uses requires us to rethink certain ways of working. New needs will emerge and we must be able to imagine new answers. Over the past few years, we have become immersed in the construction process, and the time has come to move from BuildTech to PropTech," explains Cyriaque RIOS, President and founder of Resolving.

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