Jun 2013

Positioned on the IT monitoring market growing by 25% per year, RG SYSTEMES has just successfully completed a new financial and strategic transaction by opening its capital to SEPTEO, a group of software companies.

Customers and counterparties

RG SYSTEMES publishes, develops and markets a full SaaS solution dedicated to IT monitoring under the RG Supervision brand. The first French IT monitoring solution fully developed in proprietary mode, this solution is aimed at integrators, hosting providers or managed service providers and allows the supervision of servers, networks and client workstations.

The growth of IT infrastructures and the heterogeneity of systems require increasingly sophisticated control tools covering vast areas. RG SYSTEMES takes full advantage of the need for automation and reliability of supervision tasks as well as the growth of the cloud hosted services market. The relevance and performance of its solution have enabled RG SYSTEMES to become the preferred partner of NUMERGY, one of two sovereign clouds that offers public cloud computing (IaaS) services to businesses and public organizations.

Real alternative to other market players, Big providers and open source solutions, RG SYSTEMES has achieved the feat of developing in 3 years a scalable and integrable monitoring services platform in one minute. The company uses AGILES software engineering methods to design solutions involving the customer and offering more responsiveness to his requests (Quality and audit of the code, mastery of the technical roadmap, etc…)

Led by a highly experienced trio and rewarded several times for its initiatives and projects, the JEI created in 2008 in Montpellier had already received the support of MELIES, a regional seed fund as well as Business Angels in 2011. The arrival of the SEPTEO group as a financial and strategic partner will enable RG SYSTEMES to support an ambitious growth plan with an acceleration of the international commercial deployment to target a recurring turnover of several million euros within 3 years.

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