Business transfers

Mar 2023

After several years of cooperation, Sirdata, the digital data specialist, and Proxistore, publisher of its own advertising activation solution, are joining forces to create a European leader in digital advertising!

Customers and counterparties

A complimentary industry

Already, partners, the two companies are highly complementary. Sirdata has developed cookie-based and cookieless targeting and consent management technologies (CMP). Proxistore has its own ad buying platform (DSP) connected to all digital universes (open web, walled garden) as well as patents on geolocation, making it possible to target audiences geographically or measure visits to points of sale (drive to store). This merger will enable the two companies to consolidate their leading position in the market for campaigns combining geographic targeting and purchase intent and to become the undisputed partner of media publishers for the monetization of their ‘non-consented’ inventory.

Geographic complementarity

In addition to this industrial fit, the two companies also have a strong geographical fit, enabling them to become a European giant in digital advertising. Based in Wavre (Belgium), Proxistore already has a presence in Northern Europe, as well as in Spain, Portugal, and soon North America. Sirdata, based in Paris and London, caters to the French and UK markets.

A shared ambition

On the strength of their historic collaboration, the two companies have agreed to work together to gradually build a major European Adtech group.

CMP, data clean room, DSP... our association with Proxistore will enable us to offer advertisers an autonomous and compliant 360° marketing suite, combining targeting, activation and measurement, both in managed services and self-services. Our technologies can support advertisers and agencies in a wide variety of formats (display, mobile, DOOH, video, segmented television), both for traditional and consentless inventories," says Benoît Oberlé, founder of Sirdata.
The adtech market is at an historic turning point. Advertisers are not only looking for 'cookie less' solutions that enable them to maintain their target coverage and the effectiveness of their campaigns, but also for credible technological alternatives that comply with the latest European regulatory requirements. By joining forces with Sirdata, we are creating a European leader that can address all their needs, whether in terms of branding, drive to store or retail media," adds Bruno Van Boucq, founder of the Proxistore group.

Associate members