Jul 2013

Smartsy captures a first round of funding.

Customers and counterparties

In a simple and fun way, Smartsy allows consumers to interact with objects in their environment by visualising them through its application for smartphones. Often compared to Shazam in the music industry, Smartsy is the universal standard for visual recognition based on proprietary technologies. Thanks to this marketing engagement process, Smartsy creates a community around the object with the possibility for consumers to share experiences and opinions on social networks creating a link with the product or object and thus opening up a new field of relationship between brands and consumers. From now on, brands will interact more with their consumers in the strategic moments and places where they are most receptive, allowing them to promote, highlight differently but above all sell by encouraging impulse buying. According to Laurent Mouflin, Partner at PAX Corporate Finance; “the success of the Smartsy solution comes from the introduction of advanced profiling, mobile marketing and m-commerce features.”
Created at the end of 2011 and already established in the United States, Smartsy has deployed its solution for renowned and global clients such as Red Bull, Warner, Procter & Gamble Schneider, Cegos, Sephora, Turner … and targets several markets: consumer goods, retail, publishing, media, communication agencies, advertising agencies, cultural institutions, tourism …
Structured by PAX Corporate Finance, this first round of financing of €500K from French and American business angels follows a number of technological completions and the signing of commercial contracts for over €10M. A second, more substantial round of financing will be organised by PAX Corporate Finance in autumn 2013 to support Smartsy’s ambitious development plan.

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