Business transfers

Jun 2009

PAX Corporate Finance organised the sale of a Belgian subsidiary of CAPGEMINI.

Customers and counterparties

PAX Corporate Finance, a business combination consultancy, organised the sale of the Belgian software publisher ORDIGES to the NSI Group associated with its management on behalf of SOGETI TRANSICIEL (CAPGEMINI).

ORDIGES is a publisher of management software packages, notably accounting and financial software for the public sector.

Founded in 1977, ORDIGES is the main player on this market in Belgium. ORDIGES had a turnover of 4 million euros in 2004 and employs 43 people.

This operation is part of SOGETI TRANSICIEL’s refocusing on its businesses. PAX CF has been selected as SOGETI TRANSICIEL’s exclusive financial advisor to complete the sale of this software publishing subsidiary. The transaction was effective March 30, 2005.

The purchaser NSI joined the management of ORDIGES to take over the company through a joint holding company. Specialist in the Belgian public sector, NSI sees in this merger the opportunity to complete its offer to its public customers. In 2004, NSI achieved a turnover of more than 10 million euros for 110 employees.

Founded in 2003, PAX CF is the specialist in bringing together technology companies. The firm combines in an original approach financial expertise and mastery of its clients’ business.
PAX CF accompanies its customers in Europe and actively operates in France, Benelux and the Iberian Peninsula.

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