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Sep 2021

SPORTS ETUDES ACADEMY welcomes 123 Investment Managers to its capital alongside the founders, a new manager and Alter Equity3P which reinvests

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In order to accelerate its development, Sports Etudes Academy (SEA) announces the reorganisation of its capital with 123 Investment Managers entering the capital alongside the Founders, Managers and Alter Equity, which has been present since 2017 and is reinvesting. This operation is accompanied by the implementation of a new organisation with the arrival of Fabien Grobon as Chairman of the SEA Group, the Founders remaining in place with new functions.

Founded and managed by Pascal JULIAN and Thierry DERKX, the SEA Group is the leader in private sports studies in France, with more than 1,200 students per year on 5 campuses and a turnover of around 15 million euros.

Sports Etudes Academy SEA offers families an educational model that allows students to follow a high-level sports programme in tennis, football, horse riding, golf and basketball, in parallel with their personalised schooling, in classes of 8 to 15 students, from 5th grade to higher education, including high school. The schooling is organised either face-to-face or by distance learning.
The SEA group is also the educational partner of more than twenty sports federations (automobile sports federation, INF, etc.) and professional clubs (Paris Saint Germain, Olympique Lyonnais, Racing 92, etc.), guaranteeing personalised academic support for their champions and timetables adapted to the sports calendar.
adapted to the sports calendar.
Post-bac, SEA also allows students to reconcile their academic career with their passion, whether it be sporting, artistic or cultural. Under the Studency brand, SEA offers courses from BAC+2 to BAC+5, which can be followed as part of a sandwich course, an apprenticeship or initial training. In addition to its Paris campus, Studency is opening a campus in Toulouse in September 2021 and plans to open in Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille. Studency also has a programme to prepare and integrate students into American universities.
The group has also developed other services combining the values of sport and intellectual development, with continuing education for professionals. The founding duo is now joined by Fabien GROBON who takes the position of CEO. A graduate of INSEAD, this former executive of the French Tennis Federation was Managing Director of the World Equestrian Games Organising Committee in 2014 and of the Stade Français Paris in 2015. He brings more than 20 years of experience in emblematic French sports organisations.
This operation marks the strengthening of the ESG commitment of the group, which aims to rapidly create an endowment fund in order to make its training courses accessible to as many people as possible and, in the long term, to become a Bcorp certified company.
Advised by the teams of Pax Corporate Finance, this transaction also allows the group’s key managers to acquire a stake in the capital. Thanks to the funds raised,
SEA will be able to complete its teaching offer, open new establishments and continue to develop partnerships with sports federations, professional clubs and companies.

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