Mar 2021

PAX Corporate Finance supports its clients in valuation missions.

Customers and counterparties

Mastering information, obtaining concrete answers very quickly and knowing how to make the right decisions are crucial issues for all professionals in the economic sphere and the public sector. SVP is the preferred partner of 7,000 clients and 30,000 users, mainly from SMEs, public authorities and the consulting industry.

By providing confidential, personalised answers to problems, SVP enables decision-makers in all strategic functions to obtain tailor-made assistance, optimise decision-making and gain a good understanding of the risks and challenges associated with their sector. More than 200 specialised experts, all employees of the company, deal with several thousand requests every day by answering questions in areas as varied as human resources, social relations, taxation, business life, technical regulations, strategic information, finding suppliers or partners, marketing and communication, etc.

A key player in France for over 80 years, SVP is a company that is still recognised and appreciated by its clients, who have shown an extraordinary level of loyalty.

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