Sep 2017

Mastering the information, getting real answers very quickly and knowing how to take good decisions are the key issues for every professional within the economic sphere and the public sector. A preferred partner for 7,000 clients and 30,000 users - mainly from SMEs/ SMIS, public bodies and advisory organizations, SVP is a leader in the field of operational support. By delivering fully confidential, bespoke answers to problems, SVP enables decision-makers across the entire range of strategic roles to obtain tailor-made assistance, optimizing decision-making and managing the risks and issues relating to their sector. More than 200 specialized experts, all employees of the company, process thousands of requests every day by responding to questions asked from domains as diverse as human resources, social relations, taxation, business, technical regulations, strategic information, supplier or partner searches, marketing and communication, etc. A key player in France for over 80 years, SVP is a company which is always shown recognition and appreciation by its clients who demonstrate exceptional loyalty.

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