Apr 2003

Transiciel acquires In Dreach Consulting

Customers and counterparties

The background

At the time of the transaction, there were 6 “Bann” consultants that Transiciel did not want to take over at the same time as the company (Bann was no longer the leading software at the time). The seller therefore reclassified them with clients.

Negotiations were very difficult because In dreach consulting, which was presented during the audits as being profitable, was in fact largely in deficit. The buyers did not want to take over the loss-making company, so the two managers had to give up their salaries for a year, in exchange for compensation once the deficit had been made up. At the time of the closing, the settlement took place in full without an earn-out.

Strategy of In dreach consulting

The managers wanted to sell their business to realise their assets

Transiciel’s strategy

This acquisition complemented the offer provided by the previous acquisition of Ip Management, and enabled the creation of a global SAP offer ranging from design to implementation.

Associate members