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Apr 2019

Vincent Roverato, backed by Garibaldi Participations, takes over AIRIS France, a company specialised in LED lighting.

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In April 2019, a new chapter opened with Vincent Roverato taking over of the company from manager Jean Charles Benyamin and the historical shareholders.

Through the intermediary of PAX Corporate Finance, this operation ensures the sustainability of what is a family-based business.

Vincent Roverato quickly established himself as a candidate for the takeover, thanks to his rich, significant experience in the field of electrical engineering and solid professional background, compatible with the challenges facing AIRIS France. Vincent Roverato’s aim is to maintain the fundamentals of AIRIS France’s model based on technical know-how and responsiveness, while growing the business, notably by strengthening the sales network. The new manager shall remain attentive to external growth opportunities.

The new manager shall remain attentive to external growth opportunities.

For this takeover, Mr Roverato was backed by Garibaldi Participations, a private equity subsidiary of Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, a minority shareholder and family funds.

Laurent Gelpli, Managing Director of Garibaldi Participations, announced: "We are confident in the strong potential of AIRIS France, which is active in a dynamic lighting market, driven by regulatory and technological aspects. The arrival of Vincent Roverato in the takeover of AIRIS France will make it possible to continue along the development path initiated by Jean Charles Benyamin."

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