Jul 2018

New moment for WALTERSPERGER Glass and Crystal Works

Customers and counterparties

Waltersperger, a century-old glass and crystal factory expert in exceptional bottles based in the heart of the Glass Valley in Upper Normandy, announces a change of shareholders and the takeover of its activities by Stéphanie and Adrien Tourres.

Today, Waltersperger remains one of the few companies in the world that still masters this semi-automatic process, which enables it to produce the most complex and exceptional bottles. In addition, the flexibility and adaptability of its industrial tool offer brands the possibility of producing small series, for very high-end projects or niche brands, both in perfumery / cosmetics, and for decorative objects or spirits.
The biggest French and international names like Chanel, LVMH, L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, are customers of the company, but many more confidential brands also find in Waltersperger the glassmaker capable of accompanying them in their projects.

Waltersperger has obtained the label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), which is a mark of recognition from the State set up to distinguish French companies with excellent craft and industrial know-how.
La Glass Vallée has been renowned since the 15th century for its glassware expertise and supplies approximately 75% of the world production of luxury bottles in the perfumery, spirits and pharmaceutical sectors.
Stéphanie Tourres, the new president of Verreries et Cristalleries Waltersperger, says: “We are proud to support the development of Waltersperger, a century-old company that demonstrates French expertise in the manufacture of luxury bottles on a daily basis. Its products respond to the search for excellence and authenticity of many brands and their customers. We aim for strong growth in the years to come, reflecting the dynamics of the luxury industries both in France and internationally. »
The development project plans to significantly increase the company’s turnover, notably by developing a “full service” support offer including the bottle, finishing, accessories and packaging. In this context, Waltersperger benefits from the support of several Glass Vallée companies with complementary know-how. An initial capital injection should also ensure an initial investment programme necessary to modernise the plant and increase production capacity.
Adrien Tourres says, “I am happy to support Waltersperger’s development project led by my wife, Stéphanie Tourres. This company’s expertise combined with an ambitious growth project should enable rapid development over the coming years. This sector is no stranger to the Tourres family whose Norman glass tradition has lasted for over 200 years. »

After ten years at Nielsen, Stéphanie Tourres directed the Beauty France activities of The NPD Group, a retail panel specialized in perfumery and cosmetics in selective distribution. As such, she had as clients the various global cosmetics and perfumery groups, which are Waltersperger’s clients. Since 2012, she had joined PAX Corporate Finance as a partner, in charge of managing the investment bank, which she is leaving to take over as Chairman of Waltersperger.

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