May 2018

18 months after an initial round of funding from Impact Partenaires, the Web training network is bringing together a new budget of around 3 million euros to finance the development of new schools in France and abroad, the diversification of its training offer and its e-learning platform designed to support learners throughout their lives.

Customers and counterparties

WebForce3 was born in 2014 from the observation of the mismatch between supply and demand on the job market linked to digital transformation. While the unemployment rate – especially among young people – remains far too high, many jobs remain unfilled in the new digital professions, where the needs are increasingly important and the skills required are constantly evolving. This phenomenon is amplified by the fact that the training leading to it is not adapted to market needs.

To meet these challenges, the group has built an intensive training offer in blended learning format, delivered over 3 months (490 hours of classes) in class by experienced professionals and completed by a proprietary e-learning platform. Proof of the relevance of its model, WebForce3 records a 90% rate of return to the activity of its former students. Already at the head of a network of 30 training centres, present in Paris, Lille, Lyon and Aix-Marseille, the group plans to double its turnover this year.

PAX CF had been mandated before the summer to accompany the fundraising. According to Enrick Gane and Simon Morin, in charge of the operation, “the very strong current appetite of investors for the themes of education, training and digital transformation enabled us to quickly gather numerous expressions of interest. Odyssée Venture was able to convince the management thanks to its involvement and its speed of execution. »

The fundraising will enable the group to take its development to new levels and meet the strong demand from local authorities and companies, as well as learners highly motivated by these professions, in France and abroad. To achieve this, the group will continue to develop its own and franchised network – it targets around fifty establishments – in order to consolidate its leading position in digital training. New training offerings adapted to the shortage of candidates in the various market segments are regularly offered – including Symfony developer, cyber security integrator designer, Digital Protection Officer, virtual, augmented and mixed reality developer, etc. – and the group, already present in Luxembourg, is studying other international development opportunities. The ambition is to become the essential trainer for tomorrow’s professions.

He can rely on the tandem at his head formed by Alain Assouline and Olivier Bréchard. The first, founder of Argonautes, a pioneering Web communications agency (sold in 2016 to the Makheia Group), brings his experience and vision of digital, while the second joined the adventure after serving as executive director in charge of the strategy of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) from 2008 to 2012.

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