Jun 2014

ZOOMICI, a company specialized in the online sale of BtoB and BtoC manufactured articles via the main market places but also directly on its E-commerce site, has just successfully completed its first round of financing.

Customers and counterparties

With a turnover of 10 million euros, ZOOMICI reinforces its capital of 1.3 M€ with the investment funds managed by ESFIN GESTION, the equity financing subsidiary of Crédit Coopératif, the historical banking partner of ZOOMICI, RHONE ALPES CREATION and the two majority partners of Grégory ORAND and Hervé FARGE.

This first fund raising will enable ZOOMICI to consolidate its position on the E-commerce market in France and internationally and to increase its R&D efforts.

With around fifteen employees based in Valence in the Drôme, ZOOMICI has achieved over 300,000 sales in 2 years.

Zoomici is today part of the top 50 of the French E-commerce. “At the beginning, explains its creator Grégory ORAND, Zoomici was an Internet site for locating merchants, at the local level, then a site for putting online the product catalogues of these merchants. By grouping the offers from these sites, we have created a marketplace. And it is by capitalizing on this sales experience that ZOOMICI has developed a unique profession, that of market place for marketplaces.

A unique place meta-market model.

A meta market place is a service that facilitates links between sellers and buyers, like a wholesaler in traditional trade.

“E-merchants are one of our suppliers. We offer them increased visibility of their products because we are present on all marketplaces. This visibility results in considerable visitor traffic, guaranteeing a high volume of sales. We are thus positioning ourselves as a true complementary distribution channel for e-merchants”.

A model now exported, since Zoomici has just established itself in Belgium, Italy, Spain, and soon in Germany and the United Kingdom in particular to provide marketplaces with export access, thanks to high-performance order processing, logistics and customer return management solutions.

The secret: R&D

For Grégory ORAND, “the key to our success lies in the effort we make in R&D, to develop processes and systems that make life easier for sellers and buyers, and especially that adapt very quickly to new constraints. This agility is one of our strong points. Of the 15 people in the team, 6 devote their entire working time to R&D, which has, for example, enabled ZOOMICI to develop powerful pricing software and an optimized transport management process, a key point for the image and success of an E-commerçant. “Another step towards an increasingly rapid development outside our borders, since ZOOMICI has a target of 50 ME turnover in 2016, of which 2/3 would be achieved in exports.

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