Nov 2018

Listed French company Oxatis acquires the German based company Channel Pilot Solutions to become the leading e-commerce SaaS company in Europe

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The publicly traded French Software as a Service (SaaS) company Oxatis is taking over Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, with its product data management tool, to further extend its technological lead and accelerate growth in Europe.

The continuously growing company Oxatis, which was founded in 2001, was one of the first e-commerce companies in Europe to rely on SaaS. With its 100% takeover of Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, Oxatis is now demonstrating its ambition to quickly become the leading e-commerce SaaS company in Europe.

Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH and its customers are also benefiting from this acquisition: in addition to the expertise that Oxatis brings, Oxatis will be investing in the IT and R&D areas of Channel Pilot Solutions to further expand its technological advantage. At the same time, Oxatis will also drive Channel Pilot Solutions’ international presence, especially in France but also in the UK, Spain and Italy.

“With Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH we were able to win a leading product data-based SaaS e-commerce company which perfectly complements our portfolio with its comprehensive modules. We will invest in the company so that Channel Pilot can further expand its product portfolio and technology. We will also integrate these products with ours to offer them to our customers,” said Marc Schillaci, CEO of Oxatis.

Ralf Priemer, Managing Director of Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, is also pleased: “Thanks to this step, we can use Oxatis’ investments to expand the technologies of our five modules – product data marketing, marketplace integration, market price analysis, dynamic pricing and product data-based bidding – even faster, to convince more potential customers.”

With the acquisition of Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, Oxatis is now also represented in Hamburg in addition to having offices in Paris, Marseille, London, Barcelona and Madrid. Founders Ralf Priemer and Lars Niemann continue to be managing directors of Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH and act as shareholders of Oxatis.

Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH and its shareholders were supported by PAX Corporate Finance and ACXIT Capital Partners as the exclusive M&A advisors.

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