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General presentation

PAX Corporate Finance has been supporting and advising companies and their shareholders with their fundraising, acquisitions, and transmissions for 19 years.

The company is a French leader in financial operations focused on SMEs.

With a wide range of financial consulting services,  we support entrepreneurs throughout the phases of their company’s development. Our team of more than 25 associates have completed over 250 transactions, placing PAX among the leading merchant banks.

key figures


completed transactions

19 years




5 to 150 M€

Transaction Size





250th transaction completed


PAX Corporate Finance structures its CSR approach and obtains the Ecovadis Silver label.


200th transaction completed


15 years of PAX Corporate Finance


New graphic identity, logo and website


150th transaction completed


Enrick Gane becomes partner


Signature of the partnership with AXCIT Capital Partners


Michel Lafon joins the team


Opening of the Geneva office


Karine Curtis-Osorovitz joins the team


100th transaction completed


Laurent Mouflin joins the team to develop the Fundraising activity


20th transaction completed



Professional Ethics

PAX Corporate Finance is built on the values of honesty, independence and professional ability and has a strong entrepreneurial culture.

Our independence is a guarantee that we defend the interests of our customers. Our company is wholly owned by its shareholders and we self-finance our development. We carry out every project exclusively in our customer’s interests.

We are obviously careful to conduct our activities in compliance with established laws and rules, particularly in the area of stock market regulations.

Our interventions are conducted within the framework of the MIF II regulation as a financial investment advisor (Orias n° 13000359);

Our company benefits from various approvals (CIF – ORIAS) and is a member of several professional organizations (CNCFA, SFAF, ANACOFI-CIF). Moreover, Adrien Tourres, President of PAX is a founding member and administrator of the CNCFA (National Union of Mergers and Acquisitions Councils) of which he was president for 5 years.

Our firm relies on a tradition of integrity and honesty in conducting business. We are particularly committed to preventing and avoiding conflicts of interest and respecting the confidentiality of the information on which we work.


PAX Corporate Finance structures its CSR approach and obtains the Ecovadis Silver label.

RSE médaille argent

In order to answer the environmental, societal, and ethical stakes which have become essential in our society, PAX Corporate Finance is engaged in a Social and Environmental Responsibility approach.
Considered as a guarantee of progress and durability, it is the key to shared growth, profitable for the company, its collaborators, partners, and more widely the civil society and the environment within which we evolve. PAX Corporate Finance’s commitments are formalized in a Charter of Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR), a reference document defining the objectives, principles, and roles of each one.